Chronicles of Nineveh LeGendre turned 2 today!

Chronicles of Nineveh LeGendre turned 2 today!

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Nineveh had taken the same route to work for the last two years without ever noticing the stark building which stood before her. Awed, she walked down the small alley street towards the grotesque structure. Despite its dark presence, the building was exquisitely designed and the old fashioned French doors were very welcoming. Walking closer she felt an unfamiliar eeriness but the building was captivating and she was entranced.  Above the door was a sign, “Tarot, Tools of the Trade”. Nineveh walked forward opening one of the doors. A wind chime full of miniature moons and stars alerted the shop keeper.

A lady, seemingly in her late fifties emerged from behind a book shelf, “May we help you?”, she asked.  

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